State of the Green Liberty Caucus - February 2024

State of the "Chapter" statement for Green Liberty Caucus

Dear members of the Pacific Green Party,

My name is Chuck Fall and I am one of 5 that founded the caucus, and I am the chief proponent of Green Liberty Caucus.

The Green pillars for non-violence and grass roots democracy inspire 3 pragmatic concerns of Green Liberty: 1) accountability for state crimes and other malfeasance, 2) fight for transparency in governmental affairs, and 4) protection for whistleblowers.

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Donziger House Arrest by Court Shows the Power of Big Oil

Attorney, Steven Donziger, was subject to over 900 days of house arrest by the court for refusing to cave to unreasonable demands from the judge. His story is the demonstration of the power of Big Oil, the plutocratic oligarchy, to reach into the agencies of the state by way of the Federal Courts, and he was persecuted. If anyone has any doubt that there is such a thing as collusion between the state and its judiciary, and Big Business, let this brief 14 minute report dispel you of any question that the state isn’t in the possession of the elites.

Donziger represented the native Ecuadorian people in a tort claim against Texaco for spoiling the environment, and the Leviathan turned against him. This short report gives the story. Donziger

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Pulju Podcast Responds to Hard Questions and Shows Value of Green Perspective

wow! Great interview! Wide ranging and long, but worthwhile. No where on mainstream media will you find such an honest, frank and realistic take on what is going on. I think Dan would make a much better US Senator than Ron Wyden. Dan represents the Green Libertarian perspective: from body autonomy to a multipolar world where the people push for control. Pineal Podcast, aka Josh, posed a highly relevant range of questions and Dan fielded them all with authenticity and clear rational and pragmatic logic. Thank you Pineal podcast for the great discussion.




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US Senator Ron Wyden Supports Law that Criminalizes Free Speech. Vote Him Out of Office!

Ron Wyden, US Senator from Oregon supports legislation that criminalizes free speech. Never disavowing the anti-Boycott, Divest, Sanction legislation that criminalizes pro-boycott speech, Wyden , nevertheless, remains an advocate for Israel, and by a single degree of separation, he is an ally to the evangelical right wing that supports Israeli domination of the Palestinian territories. The evangelicals are strong supporters of Israel in order that the 2nd coming of Christ could be achieved. Far fetched…?

Democracy Now, reporting on a key case in Arkansas, shows how a state law suppresses free speech by making it illegal to advocate for the Boycott of Israel. The publisher of the Arkansas newspaper is suing the state of Arkansas to retain the right to receive advertising from state agencies and not be compelled to sign away his free speech rights. This case shows the purpose of anti-BDS legislation. Wyden couldn’t see that in 2017 and defended his support of the legislation to challengers at a town hall event.

Oregon’s senior Senator to the US Senate, Wyden supports anti-speech legislation, or at least has not disavowed legislation that denies free speech. Advanced by right wing think tank, ALEC, (American Legislative Exchange Council) has caused 35 states to adopt a law that gags a worker or business owner from speaking in support of the Boycott Israel movement.

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Mike Beilstein for US Congress Calls for Big Changes Citing Emma Goldman

He was interviewed by KLCC's Chris Lehman during a candidate forum Oct. 6.Mike Beilstein

Opening statement

As a third-party candidate, you might question my participation in the election. You’re welcome to think of me not as a third-party, but as an anti-party candidate. The two major parties, Democrats and Republicans, have a lock on political power, but they’re just two brands of the same political product.

The owners of the finance industry—that includes banking, Wall Street, insurance, and real estate—the fossil fuel industry, and the arms industry are the controllers of political power in this country, and they control the policies which the Democrats and Republicans can implement through legislation and executive action.

The Green Party represents the opposition to the control of political power by the oligarchs and finance, fossil fuels, and war-making. The Green Party represents the values of people, planet, and peace.


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Pacific Greens work for a watershed democracy constitution

On Constitution Day 2022, we ask our congressional delegation, state officials, and county commissioners throughout Oregon to support a seemingly small but important course correction: Align our administrative boundaries with watersheds before the 2030 census.

We hope this small change will set on a path towards a constitutional revision that will support (small-d) democratic self-governance in an era of climate change.

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Dan for US Senate Rallies Against Forever Wars: press conference

Press Conference and Community Forum on Ending ‘Forever Wars’.
Sponsored by Dan for US Senate and Green Liberty Caucus, Pacific Green Party.

When: September 10th, Saturday, Noon - 4pm.
Where: Lucky Labrador Meeting Room, 915 SE Hawthorne, Portland

Dan Pulju, Green Party candidate for US Senate will address the problem of ‘forever wars,’ the military industrial complex, and how his candidacy provides an opportunity to focus votes on ending war.

Co-sponsor, Green Liberty Caucus will issue a statement commemorating the 21st anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and review a broad historical context that ‘connects the dots’ to show the significant influence of the the military industrial complex since Eisehnower’s famous warning.

An Open Forum will follow the press event and provide an opportunity to discuss the problem of war, the role of 9/11 and the Patriot Act as a cause for war, and consider how the ‘Dan for US Senate’ race can build the anti-war / imperialism movement.

Press Conference starts at 1pm;
Community Forum starts at 1:45 pm.

Contact: [email protected]

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Candidate Pulju will issue a press statement denouncing the ‘endless’ wars triggered by the 9/11 attacks 21 years ago.

Dan Pulju, US Senate Candidate denounces War Policy Triggered by September 11th Attacks. 9/11 shows lack of accountability and breeds Forever Wars.

The Green Party is opposed to war, as a general principle, said Chuck Fall, leader of the Green Liberty Caucus and supporter for US Senate candidate Dan Pulju. “Dan has made being anti-war into a hobby. Pulju tracks and reports on military maneuvers to keep people informed about war, so the horrors of war can be exposed,” said Fall.

Pulju sees the connection between the 9/11 events and war driven by the Neocon New American Century project that anticipated a “9/11, New Pearl Harbor that gave the war mongers carte blanche to invade.

Standing on the Green Party US platform plank that calls for 9/11 investigations, and Oregon’s Pacific Green Party opposition to militarism and the national security state, Pulju notes that investigations into the 9/11 events are still needed 21 years later. “We still don’t know the truth and the fact of the cover up shows the military industrial complex is well established and in charge of national security policy,” said Pulju.

The 9/11 attacks in 2001 followed reports from the proponents of a New American Century who advanced policy that the United States needed a new Pearl Harbor event so Americans would accept a new round of military spending to fight terrorism. 9/11 and the Patriot Act that expanded national security law and weaponized further foreign policy objectives, ended any hope for a peace dividend from the end of the ‘cold war’ with the Soviet Union.


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Dissident Greens Denounce Endless Wars; Provide Path to Peace.

Dan Pulju head shotEnding the Forever Wars: Press Conference and Community Forum.

When: September 10th, Saturday, Noon - 4pm.
Where: Lucky Labrador Meeting Room, 915 SE Hawthorne, Portland

Greens are on the march, leveraging the Dan Pulju for US Senate candidacy to call out the overwhelming power held by the military industrial complex.

Dan Pulju, Pacific Green Party candidate for US Senate will make a press statement and lead a community forum addressing the problem of war and the overbearing power of the military industrial complex at the Lucky Lab on Hawthorne in Portland on September 10th at 1pm.

"Ending the War of Terror and resisting the post-9/11 march to military dictatorship, will be the theme for a combined press event about resisting war, advancing Dan Pulju for US Senate, and commemorating the 21st anniversary of the 9/11 attacks,” said Chuck Fall of Green Liberty Caucus, co-sponsor for press conference at 1pm.

“Since September 11th 2001, American political and economic rights have been steadily undermined,” said Dan Pulju, running for the US Senate. “My campaign is about resisting war, the military industrial complex, and getting a green into office so the anti-war community has representation in Congress,” said Pulju.


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Dan for US Senate seeks to end two major parties’ hold on Congress.

Dan Pulju head shotGreen Perspective - Opinion

In a challenge to the dominant parties, Green Party candidate Dan Pulju hopes to entice a majority of Oregonians to abandon their traditional electoral approach and vote for real change.

Oregonians have an opportunity to send Green Party candidate Dan Pulju to the US Senate. He is running against Democratic Party incumbent Ron Wyden.

Wyden doesn’t deserve another 6 years in the Senate since he and his colleagues from the two major parties have not served the public interest. A vote for Dan for US Senate is a way to send a message.

The two major parties have not advanced campaign finance reforms (even though 73% of Oregonians voted for it); there has been no electoral reforms (like ranked choice voting), medicine remains dominated by the big pharma insurance industrial complex, and policies to end ‘forever wars. have been blocked. And there is global warming and a bloated military establishment.

The two major parties have sustained a terrible status quo of corrupt practices measured by obscene spending on elections. The establishment parties condone the Citizens’ United supreme court decision that allows that money is speech and empowers corporations as ‘persons’ with first amendment speech rights.

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