Candidate Pulju will issue a press statement denouncing the ‘endless’ wars triggered by the 9/11 attacks 21 years ago.

Dan Pulju, US Senate Candidate denounces War Policy Triggered by September 11th Attacks. 9/11 shows lack of accountability and breeds Forever Wars.

The Green Party is opposed to war, as a general principle, said Chuck Fall, leader of the Green Liberty Caucus and supporter for US Senate candidate Dan Pulju. “Dan has made being anti-war into a hobby. Pulju tracks and reports on military maneuvers to keep people informed about war, so the horrors of war can be exposed,” said Fall.

Pulju sees the connection between the 9/11 events and war driven by the Neocon New American Century project that anticipated a “9/11, New Pearl Harbor that gave the war mongers carte blanche to invade.

Standing on the Green Party US platform plank that calls for 9/11 investigations, and Oregon’s Pacific Green Party opposition to militarism and the national security state, Pulju notes that investigations into the 9/11 events are still needed 21 years later. “We still don’t know the truth and the fact of the cover up shows the military industrial complex is well established and in charge of national security policy,” said Pulju.

The 9/11 attacks in 2001 followed reports from the proponents of a New American Century who advanced policy that the United States needed a new Pearl Harbor event so Americans would accept a new round of military spending to fight terrorism. 9/11 and the Patriot Act that expanded national security law and weaponized further foreign policy objectives, ended any hope for a peace dividend from the end of the ‘cold war’ with the Soviet Union.


When the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, there was a promise for a Peace Dividend, but the possibility was missed as NATO expanded in lieu of peace.

“ The war hawks squandered a golden opportunity for peace in central Europe by not following the counsel of John Mearsheimer. He saw that Russia needed to be integrated into Europe, otherwise it would join with China, in a geopolitical chess match. The NATO war hawks pressed to expand and this soured Russia on the prospects of peace,’ said Chuck Fall, Green Liberty Caucus member and co-sponsor of Oppose War press conference.

The Ukraine / Russia War amounts to a proxy war by NATO against Russia. The USA has committed well into 7 billion dollars in military and related aid to Ukraine. Meanwhile, the humanitarian disaster the war has triggered with the closure of ports, and displacement of refugees, should have been anticipated and war avoided to preserve the integrity of Ukraine and well being of its people.

Candidate Pulju has long opposed the Military Industrial Complex and its influence in foreign affairs. “The MIC is a belligerent antagonist to peace. As a Senator, I will heed the warning Eisenhower made in 1961 2 days before passing the presidential torch to John F. Kennedy; Eisenhower warned about the Military Industrial Complex and its growing power and influence in American foreign policy and in domestic affairs. He knew the MIC would be a a problem,” said Pulju.

The power of the MIC has only increased over time, especially with the passage of the Patriot Act after 9/11 and the Anthrax attack on the Senate. Society has advanced into a full blown national security / surveillance state, some call a bio-security state, that is robbing us of our civil liberties.

“Greens will resist the war machine. We need to give up war and work toward peace,” said Pulju.




From cf: check out this interesting interview with Jeffery Sachs on Democracy Now; he reports on how NATO belligerently set the stage to push Russia into war.



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