Dan for US Senate seeks to end two major parties’ hold on Congress.

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In a challenge to the dominant parties, Green Party candidate Dan Pulju hopes to entice a majority of Oregonians to abandon their traditional electoral approach and vote for real change.

Oregonians have an opportunity to send Green Party candidate Dan Pulju to the US Senate. He is running against Democratic Party incumbent Ron Wyden.

Wyden doesn’t deserve another 6 years in the Senate since he and his colleagues from the two major parties have not served the public interest. A vote for Dan for US Senate is a way to send a message.

The two major parties have not advanced campaign finance reforms (even though 73% of Oregonians voted for it); there has been no electoral reforms (like ranked choice voting), medicine remains dominated by the big pharma insurance industrial complex, and policies to end ‘forever wars. have been blocked. And there is global warming and a bloated military establishment.

The two major parties have sustained a terrible status quo of corrupt practices measured by obscene spending on elections. The establishment parties condone the Citizens’ United supreme court decision that allows that money is speech and empowers corporations as ‘persons’ with first amendment speech rights.

We the people have little to show for years of establishment politics. People power has declined and corporate power entrenched in government agencies has expanded.

Electing a Green to the United States Senate would shock the two party system, for sure, but it would also cast the Green senator into the role of a lynchpin in American politics.

There is no question, Dan Pulju would need a campaign war chest measuring in the tens of millions to unseat Wyden through traditional means; however, the possibility for a champion who would demand real accountability from government and corporations, could inspire a reason to vote Green.

Voting to send Dan Pulju to the US Senate is a way for unaffiliated voters, and disillusioned Republicans and Democrats, even Libertarians, to lodge a protest against the entrenched establishment parties. Both major parties have held power in a serial dance that has made a mockery of democracy and has betrayed the constitutional oath of office to swear to act for the ‘general welfare’ of the country.

Instead under the major parties’ stewardship, our country has undergone an immense transfer of wealth that empowers the financial elites at the expense of the working and middle classes, and has let the country slide into deep divides.

Indeed, the public. to the extent we have trusted our leaders to act in good faith to protect the ‘general welfare,’ have been played by the establishment parties, strung along on stale slogans of hope, or a call to make America great again.

Voting for a Green candidate, especially Dan for US Senate, communicates disillusionment with the establishment parties, but it also communicates a demand for honest politics that works for the public interest, and not the interest of corporations.

With an evenly divided Senate, Greens have an opportunity to become a lynchpin in American politics. A Green in office would effectively force the two major parties to work together against the Green, or they would have to work with the Green. No matter what, the Green would voice the real concerns of the people for an ecologically sustainable world.

Pulju is running to end ‘forever wars’ advanced by a belligerent military industrial complex. He is also running against the policies and practices that have produced inflation brought on by the Covid lockdowns, government bailouts, Covid expenditures, and a bloated military budget that makes the rich richer and the poor poorer.

The major parties and their serial presidencies are to blame for what we are experiencing today on all fronts.

Voting for the Green candidate can be taken as a vote against the establishment party candidates; this sends a strong message.

If enough voters brake out of tribal politics and into a politics that works for the actual betterment of the country, the country will be better for it.

Pulju is also advancing medical freedom, a euphemism for breaking the lock the Big Pharma medical insurance industrial complex has on our medical system. This is an issue many people are already fighting for, and by aligning with Dan for the US Senate this November in Oregon, voices for real change can be heard.

Vote Pacific Green Party candidates this November 2022.

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