About Green Perspectives

This is a free speech page for opinions, analysis and discussion of issues and their relationship to the Green Party platform. Opinions expressed reflect the authors' viewpoint and may not correspond to the policy positions/platform of the Green Party.

Please go to the posting guidelines when creating content for submission.

Rules for posting and commenting:

1. Be respectful of the opinions of others. Personal and ad hominem attacks will result in deletion of the comment and possible banning of the commenter.

2. Bigotry/Racism is strictly prohibited and will result in a ban. Comments about the activities of countries that do not generalize about the citizens/race/religion of that country or its supporters will not be banned due to criticism of that country.

3. Please attempt to show how your position/posting relates to the Green Party platform (www.gp.org/platform or www.pacificgreens.org/platform)

The Greens Collectives will follow the following guidelines for respectful behavior:

--1st breach: you will be notified publicly on the group
--2nd breach: you will be moderated
--3rd breach: you will be removed from the group.
1) NO insults, name-calling, profanity, belittling
2) NO divisive language, accusations or threats
3) Sexism, racism, classism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, and other oppressive behaviors are ban-worthy offenses.
As such, claims of reverse racism, misandry, etc. are not included, because we understands the role of white supremacy, patriarchy, etc.
4) Presume goodwill on the part of the other unless you have evidence to the contrary. That should be reported to the Green Creatives Collective 
5) No multiple posts on same subject/content. Post to existing threads.
Personal attacks will not be tolerated. Report personal attacks for moderation.
Solicitation & posts of non-Green endorsed candidates will be removed. Exceptions for candidates publicly directly seeking Green endorsement.
Moderators will remove posts that may not meet group standards as determined on a post by post basis.
Posts / users / threads may be removed due inappropriate content, uncivil dialog, or conversations have drifted away from Green Party subjects

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Not sure I understand the second part of rule 2
followed this page 2021-06-09 17:25:14 -0700
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This is a test comment on the About page.