Pacific Green Party activists file application to form state wide caucus: Green Liberty Caucus, Oregon chapter

Below is filing application essay to create Oregon Chapter of Green Liberty Caucus in the Pacific Green Party.

Register to attend the January 8 Convention and vote to recognize Green Liberty Caucus, Oregon Chapter and join up.

To: Pacific Green Party, Mr. Secretary
State Coordinating Committee

From: Chuck Fall, Charles Newlin, Suzia Aufderheid, Jack Dressser, Mariah Lueng, Dan Pulju.

Re: Application to form of statewide, non-geographical chapter; Green Liberty Caucus, Oregon Chapter, Pacific Green Party of Oregon:

Summary: Green Liberty Caucus, Oregon Chapter, founding members seek recognition from SCC as a state-wide, non-geographic chapter. We are a chapter with a mission, please read further for explanation and reason for forming this chapter.

Foundational principles upon which base our perspective:

(Bylaws Statement of Principles) “The Pacific Green Party recognizes that our society and government are plagued by inequality, militarism, poverty, and pollution. We envision and strive to create a local-based grassroots democracy that will overcome these societal ills.”

(Platform of PGP; War and Foreign Policy; Non-Violence) “We will work to dismantle the US war machine, including both the military-industrial complex and the global hegemony it expands and maintains. To do this, we must overcome our government’s exceptionalism and bring it into compliance with the norms of international law and diplomacy.” 

We the founding members request recognition from the State Coordinating Committee as an official chapter; we request our application be referred to the January 8 Convention for formal ratification.

We also seek resolution to request Green Party US National Committee to establish a Committee for Government Accountability, Transparency and Whistleblower protection.

We are: Green Liberty Caucus, Oregon Chapter; Pacific Green Party of Oregon.

The Green Liberty Caucus chapter is a  non-geographical state wide chapter open to any registered Pacific Green Party member.

Members of this chapter organize as a chapter under the rules and guidelines of the Pacific Green Party. We, the core founders, are all supporting members of the PGP. The Green Liberty Caucus chapter is open to any registered green  who feels the call to resist militarism, defend liberty and civil rights, and seek accountability for corporate and government malfeasance that is at the root of the military industrial complex.

We subscribe to the sentiment in the essay at chuckfall blog that outlines the reason and value for a Government Accountability, Transparency and Whistleblower caucus. The essay highlights malfeasance that qualify as state crimes against our democracy including events around the Covid pandemic.

Our mission is to fight for justice, resist militarism, call out malfeasance, resist censorship, and advance the Green project as the antidote to the poison of a corrupt power structure that has denied key liberties and produced an ecological catastrophe; it is this emergency that the Liberty Caucus endeavors to address. We are a call for freedom from techno-domination and an emerging digital fascism of collusion between state and corporate agencies.

A preponderance of evidence shows the American Republic housed in Congress, the judiciary and presidency, have become deeply corrupted by Big Money and of late by the Big Pharma Military Industrial Complex. There is a string of malfeasance for which we demand justice.

We accept that the country was stolen, figuratively speaking, by deep state operators tied to the plutocratic elite, when President Kennedy was killed. His assassination was preceded by the rise of the national security state and the military industrial complex. Compounding the loss of Kennedy, the subsequent 1960’s assassinations, and the 9/11 events have been crushing blows to our democracy as the power of the national security state increased with each event.

Our job today is to reclaim our republic from a plutocratic oligarchy that solidified its power on November 23, 1963. Had JFK, Malcolm X, MLK and RFK, and members of the Black Panthers not been assassinated, history may well have arced toward justice as Dr. King envisioned. But the arc was broken instead. To correct this we must speak to this terrible truth, and for this we need media.

We recognize that society is divided into a bifurcated media universe, in which mainstream media provides a highly curated flow of information that conditions the popular consciousness to accept the official narratives. To heal this divide, we call for honest, truthful, accurate media that is independent from Big Money interests.

We are skeptical about mainstream media. The CIA ran COINTELPRO program called ‘Mockingbird’ which involved planting or turning news and commentary and book authors into curators for the official narrative. Alternative media is necessary for gathering the truth.

We stand in solidarity with many non-mainstream media sources. To make sense of what is going on in the world, we apply critical reasoning skills from all available sources and study the evidence. We endeavor to make reasoned judgement and avoid fallacious argument. We aspire for rational analysis of correlations, actual cause, events, coincidences, and curious anomalies to develop understanding and draw conclusions. To make a judgement call, we weigh the facts and causes and correlations for the preponderance of evidence each situation provides, and by this process make claims and petition our grievances.

Currently, a medical freedom / anti-vaccine mandate movement is building around the world. We are in solidarity with this world wide anti-authoritarian effort, and call on Greens to officially oppose the vaccine mandates as a violation of civil rights, an egregious overreach by state authorities.

We call on fellow Greens to align with the Green Liberty Caucus and resist a plutocratic technocracy that is engineering a Globalist domination of social, economic, and natural life.

A Green Liberty Caucus monitors for corruption by government, non-government, and corporate agencies and seeks accountability, transparency, and protections for whistleblowers as well as independent media. We support the Green Movement by countering the forces of corruption with protest, media actions, public relations campaigns, electing truth leaders to office, and engaging in intersectionality with others to advance consumer boycotts, and local, statewide and national strikes to build integrity into the American republic.


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