1. Posting Guidelines

Operating Rules for Green Perspectives / free speech corner Web Page

GreenPerspectives.net would be operated by a ‘green creatives collective’ of PGP activists interested in writing, graphic art, audiovisual to air and discuss key issues.  

What gets posted - operating  guidelines for content and message.

Postings must be grounded in Green Party principles derived from the 4 pillars (Social Justice, Economic Sustainability, Non Violence,Grassroots Democracy), 10 Key Values, platform positions (national and Oregon) as well as guidelines for civil and respectful discourse.

Only original writings are to be published or those specifically authorized by the author.  There will be no posts or reposts from groups or organizations.  This is a free speech engagement area for individuals.

In GreenPerspectives.net each blog will have capacity to accept comments by the public pursuant to providing a name, and email address and subject to moderator review. After a period, the moderator may close the comments.

Who is the moderator - to be determined as the Green Creatives collective gets formed.

How things get posted

Crossposting of GreenPerspectives.net compositions on the PGP webpage will be subject to approval by the State Coordinating Committee following the same process for press releases.

Posts will be forward to the Green Creatives Collective at [email protected]

As long as these do not run counter to the principles above; the posts will be curated for grammar, syntax etc. and be posted or sent back to the author for edits before posting (e.g. redundancy, sources, etc.)

If anyone disputes a posting to GreenPerspectives.net, that person may post an objection in the comment section or provide a counterpoint essay.

Posts and comments that violate the principles will be removed and the person subject to:

  1. On first occurrence that person will receive and educational warning,
  2. On second occurrence that person will be warned that a repeat offense will result in blocking them from posting
  3. On third occurrence the person will be blocked from posting.  That person will be flagged to the SCC to consider expulsion from the party.

Disagreements over specific posts or comments will try to be resolved using a consensus process.  If the post/comment is published, a note/banner will accompany the post indicating there is disagreement over the suitability of the post.

Green Perspectives - Positions expressed are those of those posting and do not necessarily represent the official position of the Green Party.
Free speech area for Greens