Teacher’s Unions want safe schools; Covid fears pronounced

Some teachers don’t feel safe teaching in an environment where they may catch Covid; that is the central issue at play between various school districts and teachers’ unions around the country.

However, in other districts, students are in the classroom wearing masks, some kids have taken the vaccine, as have teachers. Some states do not require masking. So one must ask if there is really anything to fear?

The emergence of the Omicron variants 1 and 2, has renewed fear because Omicron is showing up in the fully vaccinated. Now medical experts are suggesting everybody will eventually be exposed to the Omicron variant some day.

The fear of, caution about, Covid is because it can be fatal, and some people who get it are vulnerable for long haulers symptoms, but for the majority of the people, a clinical case of Covid mimics a bad cold or severe flu.

Understandably, teachers want to be safe and secure, but the nature of the job is such that some risk is unavoidable.

In theory, however, If teachers were confident that they won’t die from Covid, and that if they develop an infection that they will get treatment, then they shouldn’t be afraid, and schools could return to normal. But early treatment protocols need to be made available.

Though fully vaccinated, some teachers remain doubtful that they are fully protected, and the fear of the unvaccinated as being asymptomatic carriers, has turned healthy children into a perceived vector for transmitting SARS Cov2.

Enabling teachers to feel confident about being in the classroom with kids is paramount, but the Federal Covid Response has done nothing to alleviate these fears; instead, the response has only exacerbated the uncertainty surrounding SARS Cov2 / Covid infections.

The Federal Response has been a disaster for the children, for they have lost two years of learning due to the lockdown and quarantines, which has caused loss of classroom time with their peers and teacher.

Instead of treating the Covid infections, the Federal Response has singularly advanced vaccines to solve the Covid problem; meanwhile, the response has suppressed early treatment protocols, leaving covid infections to worsen. “Covid cases’ were told to quarantine and isolate even if they never show symptoms and were not clinically ill with Covid. This was terrible health policy.

At the start of the ‘pandemic’ quarantine was for 10 days, and just recently, the CDC shortened an asymptomatic, no clinical symptom ‘case’ to a 5 day quarantine. Green Liberty Caucus finds convincing reports that cast doubt on the claim of asymptomatic spreading. Asymptomatic students should not be assumed to be carriers unless clinical symptoms are evident.

After over 12 months of vaccinating well over 60% of the adult population, scientists are now coming to the conclusion that SARS Cov2 is endemic and will never go away. Furthermore, evidence shows the experimental vaccines are not ‘safe and effective’ as claimed. The vaccines should be dropped and early treatment of Covid symptoms treated with anti-viral cocktails, if the patient requests it.

Vaccines cannot be claimed to be ‘safe’ because young men under 40, including teens, get heart injuries. Young men are at a relatively high risk (1 in 2000 from one report) of getting a heart injury subsequent to the 2nd injection. Boosters may increase heart injuries even further. Females are also at risk for adverse events.

The vaccines are not ‘effective’ as claimed, evidenced by the Omicron variant, and even the Delta, which have reportedly mutated variations that evade the genetic code written into the vaccine spike proteins. Fully vaccinated and boosted people are getting Covid, so vaccines are not effective and should be ended, and early treatment with repurposed anti-viral drugs made the normal treatment plan.

The ‘experimental’ use of the vaccines has run its course and should be stopped. Vaccines are not making schools safe. It is unconscionable to vaccinate children with the experimental vaccines.

We urge complete abandonment of the Federal Covid Vaccine Response and advise that Covid infections be treated pharmacologically, early on, and include other hygiene prevention methods  to stanch the growth of the viral load.

Covid infections should be treated using Doctor recommended protocols developed by Dr. Pierre Kory at Front Line Critical Care and from others that are demonstrated to be efficacious.

Covid has put everyone on a high fear alert, so anyone with a cold will be considered a suspect Covid case until ruled out with a test. And the same will be true of the flu.

To overcome the intense fear that has built up around Covid, effective and accurate testing protocols need to be put into place. However, as mentioned, the problem of false positives must be resolved. Current testing kits remain of doubtful efficacy since the majority remain under Emergency Use Authorization and have not been thoroughly vetted for accuracy.

Testing is expensive and the cost should be borne by the Federal and State governments, and not be the responsibility fo individual families to finance.

Accurate, non-invasive testing should alleviate teachers’ fears. Accurate testing will clear the air of suspicions people may hold toward the un-vaccinated. Alleged asymptomatic carriers can be cleared by testing, but shouldn't be assumed to be a carrier. A positive test for an asymptomatic should be repeated, and testing to determine for actual viral load should be considered if quarantine is ordered. No quarantine without evidence to support draconian measure.

We call on exclusive spittle testing as a non-invasive method of collecting testing samples. In event PCR testing is used, we call on a maximum of 22 cycle threshold to avoid the high numbers of false positives associated with settings at 35 and higher.

Finally, reports show masking is not as effective at keeping viruses at bay as is claimed by the authorities, and it interferes with student learning and social development by closing off the face. Moreover, masks are not that hygienic and should be used sparingly, if at all. Parents that want to opt out of masking their child should be respected.

Classrooms will inevitably function as a vector for the transmission of whatever is present in the individual children. Masking children should be kept to a minimum, and masks removed upon exiting the building and entering into the open air environment.

Covid infections develop from a sustained dose of exposure, so optimizing ventilation and monitoring for CO2 levels will provide an additional layer of protection from virus accumulating in a classroom.

Endemic SARS Cov2 appears to the fate of human kind and efforts must be directed to overcoming fear. Providing early treatment, educating about immunse system, and empowering the human immune response as much as possible with healthy nourishment should be encouraged. Schools should issue public health announcements to this end, and ensure families most at risk receive attention and assistance.

Other preventative measures to make people safe include using nasal rinse and throat gargling (especially for the teachers) to prevent virus load from developing in the nasal and throat areas. Improved ventilation will limit viral build up, so by using a multi-pronged approach to  stanching the virus, teachers will feel confident about returning to the classroom.

We stand in solidarity with the physicians who signed on to the Great Barrington Declaration and plotted a course from lockdowns to normalcy. Central to the Declaration is that treating the infections early on with anti-viral cocktails which will obviate the need for vaccines. However, as we have said, the vaccine program should be stopped.

We defer to the judgement of the doctors who speak out against the Covid Vaccine Mandate and denounce the malfeasance of Federal Covid Response that has involved suppression and with-holding of efficacious repurposed drugs that keep people out of hospital. Tragically, hundreds of thousands have died unnecessarily from the promulgation of bad medical practice, the denial of early treatment.

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