Pacific Green Party activist calls for end to Death Penalty.

I learned Oregon still had the death penalty.  Right after reading this fantastic update on the case of Emmet Till, a tortured 14 year old boy, who helped spark the Civil Rights movement.  Yet, his murder is already being forgotten (not taught) even though some of those responsible are still alive.

After hearing a of the execution of Troy Davis, in GA, in spite of the fact that 7/9 witnesses recanted and prosecutors were asking for a stay.  After we learn of the attack on Black soldiers in Europe, after WWII.

26 states have already abolished the death penalty.  For unusual treatment it takes more than half the states to abolish the Death Penalty.

For those who do not agree, let's have a discussion about it, to better understand each other.  No need to throw stones.

Beyond the death penalty, we need a system that positively helps people overcome illness.  Another blog will focus on healthcare and what Medical Freedom truly means:  access.

In the meantime, I need a couple of volunteers to act as liaison to the groups we need to support to abolish the death penalty in Oregon.

HIS NAME WAS EMMETT TILL; By Wright Thompson, Photographs by Hannah Price for The Atlantic




“We Are Troy Davis”: 10 Years After Georgia Execution That Galvanized Anti-Death Penalty Movement, STORYSEPTEMBER 21, 2021

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