Should Greens stand in solidarity with petition to ban gain of function technology?

Scientist in bio-safety facility

I stand in solidarity with the Organic Consumers Association in its  petition to ban gain of function technology in naturally occurring viruses and other organisms. "Gain of function" is a term used by scientists to genetically alter a natural organism so it gains the function of being pathogenic, and then subject to study.

The Organic Consumer’s Association petition banning gain of function research is consistent with Green Party values based on the precautionary principle, Green concern with the deployment of nano-technology, and the Pacific Green Party plank which holds the risks of 'gain of function' research exceed the benefits to society.

Some greens in Lane County are proud to stand with the OCA  as it is a bulwark against the over-reach of Big Genetic Technology corporations; it fights for for healthy food, medical / health freedom, the end of toxins, and it acts like a watch dog, calling out corporate and government malfeasance when evident.

I judge new technology based on the ‘precautionary principle.’ and the historical record cites many cases of pathogens escaping from laboratories.

The patent record shows over 4,000 patents associated with corona virus research.

Patents filed as far back as 1999, show the SARS Cov2 has a significant history of gain of function research with upwards to 74 different patents showing up in the SARS Cov2 virus itself, according to Dr. David Martin, a patent researcher.

Dr. Martin claims the extensive patent trail of corona virus research shows SARS Cov2 is not ‘novel” and that the Covid event is contrived. Other critics of the Government response to Covid, site a host of other anomalies to show malfeasance; for example, they cite an allegedly invalid PCR test,  and the refusal by the FDA and CDC to authorize emergency use for non-vaccine treatment protocols for covid infections.

The OCA petition cites research to show extensive collaboration between American researchers from the Eco Health Alliance, a front company for Big Pharma and US Defense operations, and scientists in Wuhan China.

Some green in Lane County support the petition to ban gain of function technology. We encourage our members to follow the link to the petition and support the cause.

Click below to read article from Organic Consumers:

Click below to sign the petition:

Click below to access materials from Dr. Martin on patent trail that built the SARS Cov2:

The Fauci COVID-19 Dossier – Dr David E Martin -

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