Should Greens stand in solidarity with petition to ban gain of function technology?

Scientist in bio-safety facility

I stand in solidarity with the Organic Consumers Association in its  petition to ban gain of function technology in naturally occurring viruses and other organisms. "Gain of function" is a term used by scientists to genetically alter a natural organism so it gains the function of being pathogenic, and then subject to study.

The Organic Consumer’s Association petition banning gain of function research is consistent with Green Party values based on the precautionary principle, Green concern with the deployment of nano-technology, and the Pacific Green Party plank which holds the risks of 'gain of function' research exceed the benefits to society.

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Campaign Finance Reform - KBOO Interview

KBOO June 2nd 2021 Interview on Campaign Finance Reform

Christina Nieves, Associate Director of Common Cause Oregon
Nathalie Paravicini, Steering Committee, Pacific Green Party
Beth Rotman, Director of Money in Politics & Ethics, Common Cause.
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